Nowadays, kids as well as adults, are spending more and more time in front of a computer. Sitting in an uncomfortable position very often results in back pain or other more serious back issues. What is really important here is that you act fast, from the first warning signs. The most common warning sign is just a simple, cutting pain in your lower back. So, that’s the time when you should consider changing your lifestyle and maybe visiting your doctor. I say “maybe” because if you see that you aren’t on the right path early, you can undo your mistakes on your own by doing exercises or trying other methods.

This article will show you an effective way of getting rid of back problems; that method is yoga.

If you want to correct your posture, feel better, feel stronger and do all of that while having fun – then yoga is the right method for you.

How Can Yoga Correct Posture?

Multiple studies have shown that yoga can indeed fix posture and not only that! In those same studies, it has been shown that yoga can even reverse hyperkyphosis. Before I begin talking about how and why let’s check the benefits you might get from doing yoga for your back because that is what’s the most interesting to people.

So, if you do yoga for your back issues (and if you start doing it frequently, you won’t just be doing it because of your back, but because of how good it feels), you might experience the following:

  • Feel way better – Both medicine and psychology confirmed that people who have a strong back and a healthy posture are happier, more confident, and have lots of energy.
  • Extend your life – As you get older, your back and other bones will be more likely to fracture. It is proven that people who have good posture live longer and have healthier bones.
  • Eliminate back pain – Also a well-known fact is that people who are flexible and who are doing exercises similar to the ones you find in yoga, don’t have back pain.

I don’t know about you, but this was enough to convince me to start doing yoga.

How to Do Yoga for Your Back?

There are certain poses in yoga that target specifically back muscles and other muscles and joints which are responsible for posture (shoulders, abdominals, neck, etc.).

Doctors and yoga instructors usually advise the following yoga regimen:

First Week:

– You will be doing a sequence of exercises and poses that are able to open up your chest and head. This will correct the posture of your head and also prepare your back for what’s coming.

Second Week:

– You will be doing poses that will activate your core. Activating your core will be a building block for exercises that are strictly for your back. Also, a strong core means that you will have better support for your back.

Third Week:

– You will be doing exercises and poses that are targeting back muscles and joints. Your pain will be gone after you strengthen those muscles with yoga poses for your back.

And that would be it. Yoga is a fun way of fighting back pain!