For most of us, creating habits and routines that create more mindfulness, affects productivity positively, and promotes happiness. These are all keys to success in achieving greater peace of mind. Sometimes it can be hard to juggle all the factors and people in our lives and find the time to stick to specific routines or practices, but developing habits that set you up for greater tranquility in your life doesn’t have to become a daily two-hour event. Below are some easy and efficient ways to set yourself up for success and allow you greater ease in finding more peace and effortless joy in your life.

  1. Set An Intention For Your Day: Getting clear on how you want your day to look and feel like, what you may need more of, or what you need to your focus is a simple five-minute practice that can help to center and ground you as the day is beginning to unfold. This practice may be difficult at first, and you may have time connecting with what you really need or want for your day, but as you continue to take a few moments each morning to check in with yourself, it will begin to get easier to identify your current feelings and desires. Your intention for the day can be as simple as “more moments of stillness” or “more moments of laughter” or can be something more specific that relates to anything going on in your life. Either get a journal for your daily intentions, make a note in your phone, or simply let it become a mantra that you can repeat to yourself throughout the day for a moment of encouragement or a centering back to yourself. 
  2. Make Your Bed: The mindful act of making your bed and cleaning up your personal space can help set you up for a day of productivity and allow you to feel accomplished. No matter how the rest of the day goes, you know that you’ve already ticked one action off your to-do list and can breathe a little easier knowing you have a clean, beautiful space to come home to. 
  3. Practice Yoga: Take five to ten minutes each day to practice yoga and connect breath to your movement for your mental and physical health. Experiment with different yoga flows or postures that help you to relieve tension in your body and lower cortisol levels. It may be best for you to practice in the morning to help you wake up and loosen up or you may want to practice at night, either after work or before bed. There are plenty of resources online for you to explore the practice of yoga, and you may enjoy incorporating a few moments of meditation for greater mindfulness. 
  4. Create Space For Yourself: Take a moment or two each day just for you. Do something that brings you joy, and that allows you to connect to yourself. Maybe you treat yourself to coffee or spend a few extra moments in the morning to listen to a podcast or your favorite song. When you take a bit of time each day to do something nice for yourself, you give back to yourself, which creates more joy and peace that you can then extend to others.